Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm crafty!

So today, P had sleepy kind of day and I was able to actually start a craft and much to my husband and mother's dismay...FINISH it!! I am the queen of buying a lot of craft crap, starting something, then putting it in my craft closet unfinished.
I'm also pretty damn proud of myself that everything actually came out looking decent too.
I made 2 things, first, binky bungees, which is a godsend in mommyland because babies love to spit their binky on the floor, then you have to go wash it etc. So I made some custom ones. They are actually for a friend's baby though.
Then I had like 50 diapers left over from a pack that P grew out of, so I decided to turn them into a diaper cake. I think I will gift them to the same friend.
Good productive day, minus the nuclear meltdown P had at Hobby Lobby :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm a newbie

This is something I've wanted to for a long time, but I'll just admit it, I'm lazy. We'll I've also been a little busy too.
The title comes from the theme my mom came up with for of my wedding. Everything paper had something about "The Journey" on it. We also put out these cards that said "advice for the journey", and it gave our guests an opportunity to give us advice they wish they had gotten, advice they wished to give, or just a funny anecdote.
That what I want this to be, things I learn, rants, raves, advice you give, funny anecdotes, sacarsam at its finest, and anything to just to get me or you though the day.
So here it is, day to day stuff about this crazy journey I am on and the stuff I deem worthy of reading...