Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm crafty!

So today, P had sleepy kind of day and I was able to actually start a craft and much to my husband and mother's dismay...FINISH it!! I am the queen of buying a lot of craft crap, starting something, then putting it in my craft closet unfinished.
I'm also pretty damn proud of myself that everything actually came out looking decent too.
I made 2 things, first, binky bungees, which is a godsend in mommyland because babies love to spit their binky on the floor, then you have to go wash it etc. So I made some custom ones. They are actually for a friend's baby though.
Then I had like 50 diapers left over from a pack that P grew out of, so I decided to turn them into a diaper cake. I think I will gift them to the same friend.
Good productive day, minus the nuclear meltdown P had at Hobby Lobby :)

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